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Road safaris trips to see scenic places and wildlife animals game parks

Road trip is a journey on a road by driving automobiles 

Tanzania road safaris is one of road trips for wildlife safaris and scenic sightseeing around attractions and travel places. Best time for wildlife safaris in Tanzania is dry season because it is easier to see many wild animal species in short time. Dry season begin from June to September and December to mid march. How ever if you want to see wildebeest migration interference in Tanzania, best time is months of May to September first week and November, December to March. April is rainy season and not easier to spot animals, too much cloud and not fun African safari holiday.

Tanzania best road trips for you to experience epic and beautiful journeys across jungles are circumnavigate Kilimanjaro by 4 x 4 Landcruiser or Land rover safaris, this road safari begin from Boma area, drive up to Sanya Juu and go across Savanna Kilimanjaro jungle, visit Enduimet Wildlife management area near Olmolog and within amboseli eco system, you may spend one night there or proceed to Northern Kilimanjaro near Rongai route and proceed to Tarakea in Rombo District. Continue along road via coffee and banana plantation in Rombo ditrict and rural Moshi up to Moshi town. This road safari can take one full day or 2 days 1 night. You can choose this road trip and then begin Kilimanjaro trekking through Lemosho route, Northern circuit or Rongai trail.

At Enduimet wildlife management area, wildlife safaris and scenery Kilimanjaro view tours are best experience. For wildlife tours, you will see Herbivores including elephant, giraffe, African buffalo, zebra, and antelope such as giant eland, lesser kudu, wildebeest, hartebeest, gerenuk and numerous smaller gazelle. Predators in the food chain include lion, leopard, cheetah, numerous smaller cats, hyena, foxes and jackals.  A rich variety of endemic and migrating birds inhabit the area making it an ornithologists paradise.

Mount Kilimanjaro view is panoramic and great pictures stop points are many. Snow capped Kilimanjaro rises to 19,600ft and its crystal clear waters feed the landscape below, all the way to the swamps of Amboseli bordering Enduimet.

Regular road safaris through Kenya and Tanzania provides  magnificent wildlife parks, un-rivelled sandy beaches Mombasa , thriving coral reefs Zanzibar, scenic mountains like Kilimanjaro etc. Road trip can begin from Mombasa Kenya, drive west to Voi SGR rail, cross north to Taveta and enter Moshi Tanzania through Holili. Moshi is a base for climbing Kilimanjaro preparations. Road safari trip from Mombasa Kenya coast via jungles, Maasai villages, Chagga villages, Volcano lake challa to Moshi is great African road safari to intermingle with beautiful nature.

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