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Camping Safaris as nature wildlife safaris basics

Camping safaris in Tanzania and Africa at large is in 4 types which are permanent tented camps, luxury mobile camps, semi luxury tented camp and budget tented camping safaris.

Basic eco Camping safari is a enjoyable Tanzania safari experience because visitors see real nature African adventure tours. Tourists get all comforts of accommodation and expertise of safari drivers, guides, and a cook to take care of all their needs.

Tanzania Budget camping safaris is most affordable and yet enjoyable safari which fits for people whose interest is in watching or photographic African Wildlife safaris, bird watching, chimpanzee trekking, gorilla tracking scenery and people cultures.

Camping Safaris is a favorite choice for last minute travel deals in Tanzania National parks is one of African Safari experience. There special private campsites and there are public campsites. Public campsites are usually for budget camping safaris.

Tanzania budget camping safari options

Budget Camping preferred by budget travelers to save money and experience nature wildlife safaris.

Camping safaris is a way of Outdoor travel during summer travel. Safari itineraries are of a international standard and tours to all national parks and areas of interest are well planned.

Tanzania camping safaris use good quality 4x4 land rovers and land cruisers with viewing roof hatches. Naturalistic Safari driver/guides have good knowledge of places, national parks, fauna and flora. Camping trips are accompanied by a Safari cook who prepares palatable menus and drinks. Camp crews make sure Tents are pitch down and erected properly, mattresses, ground mats are well set for comfort sleeping.

How to book camping safaris and camping safaris is for who?

Camping safaris is for ecotourism travelers, bird watchers, photographers, backpackers and budget people.

Camping Holidays in Africa is a great way to experience the wilderness game parks of Africa. It is generally more affordable than staying in fixed accommodation like lodges, camps and hotels.

Bush safaris and Bush camping safaris Tanzania ethics.

Camping Style Safaris you will be pampered and attended to by our Dedicated Staff.

These Non Participation, Eco-tourism Safaris are conducted for Small Groups in relative Comfort and Safety.

Our 4X4 vehicles are designed for excellent Game Viewing and Photographic opportunities. You will also be accompanied by a Professional Guide at all times

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