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Kilimanjaro trekking is among top exciting adventures and budget travel deals

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Machame route 6 days is Kilimanjaro route recommended because is among beautiful Kilimanjaro route and but Machame is most affordable than Lemosho or Northern circuit

Tanzania safaris trip in Northern Circuit are amazing African holidays.

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Chinese and most budget travelers can book cheap flight tickets and book budget wildlife safaris Tanzania. China southern airlines and KLM offer best flight fares travel deals. Cheap vacation travel include leisure safaris and budget adventure Kilimanjaro trekking. Fly to Africa by booking cheap flight tickets from Shanghai, Beijing etc to Tanzania, choose KLM, Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai, China Southern Airlines etc.

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Safaris to see wildebeest migration Serengeti and big 5 wildlife in Tarangire, Lake Manyara,

 Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Eyasi and mkomazi umba game reserve are wonderful

northern circuit tourist safaris in Tanzania. Discover tour offers and economical travel deals for Kilimanjaro trekking from Moshi.

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Adventure destinations information is useful to plan and choose perfect destination places such as Kilimanjaro trekking adventures and Diving beach holidays.

Kilimanjaro climbing adventures are real adventures especially when you choose challenging Kilimanjaro routes such as Machame, Umbwe and Lemosho.

Adventure travel deals in northern circuit Tanzania include Kilimanjaro trekking adventures, Mount Meru climbing trips, camping safaris, Adventure Tanzania safaris and machame route kilimanjaro climbing trips. Last minute bookings for safaris is available for May and June. Get discount safaris travel packages on private safaris and adventure travel. Group travel deals available, group of 4 people or more get great discount travel deals. Kilimandscharo klettern is Deutsche guided trips in Tanzania for Zurich and German clients. German speaking guides klettern Kilimandscharo and get budget Tanzania safaris. Reisen trips Tanzania safaris and Kilimandscharo trekking. Budget camping safaris is a basic wildlife safari tours, enjoyable and wonderful travel places. Reisen klettern travel deals are guided by Deutsche speaking guides in Tanzania.

Group travel booking include reisen Tanzania safaris and Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions. Discount last minute bookings are available on lifestyle travel. Camping safaris include luxury tented camps and budget camping safaris. Budget camping safaris is cheapest wildlife safaris in Tanzania on tents build in outdoor styles. Last minute booking adventures available are Machame route Kili climb, Rongai route 6 days trekking Kilimanjaro expeditions, Lemosho route Kilimanjaro treks, Marangu route Kilimanjaro hike, summit Kilimanjaro climbs northern circuit.

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Tanzania travel, safaris and kilimanjaro climbing

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by PRECISION AIR OR AIR TANZANIA if your International Airplanes lands in Julius Nyerere Airport.

We meet at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) or Arusha Airport and transfer you to Hotel in' Moshi or Arusha Town. Some Airlines arrives in KIA such as KLM and Condor Airlines from German.

Some Travelers land in Nairobi as flight tickets are cheap and then connects to Tanzania by Precision air Or Board daily shuttles which comes to Moshi and Arusha Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro Travel deal with African safaris tanzania, destination tanzania safaris, luxury tanzania safari, photo safari tanzania, safari in tanzania, safari tanzania, safari to tanzania, safaris in tanzania, safaris to tanzania, tanzania big game safaris, tanzania camping safari, tanzania family safari, tanzania safari company, tanzania safari guide, tanzania safari operators, tanzania safari packages, tanzania safari tour, tanzania safari tours, tanzania safari trip, tanzania safaries, tanzania safaris, tanzania tours and safaris, tanzania walking safari, tanzania wildlife safaris, tanzanian safari, tanzanian safaris, tarangire safari lodge tanzania. African safari holidays cheap travel deals include budget camping safaris and backpackers travel lodges. Budget camping safaris itineraries include 7 days wildlife safaris, 6 days 5 nights Tanzania safaris and 4 x 4 game drive safari tours to Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater.

Below are details of Tourist destinations particularly National parks.


Arusha National Park
The park has three distinct zones: Ngurdoto Crater (often discribed as a mini Ngorongoro), the Momella Lakes, a group of shallow alkaline lakes fed by underground streams, and Mount Meru,one of the most rewarding mountains to climb in Africa

Animals here include buffalo, elephant, hippo, giraffe, zebra and a variety of antelope, blue monkey and black and white colobus monkey, leopard and hyena.This is the best also for bird watchersand walking safaris. 

Lake Manyara National Park.

Lake Manyara National Park is a unique park designated as a Man and Wildlife Biosphere Reserve.Hemingway describes Lake Manyara National Park's magnificent hunting country in "The Green Hills of Africa". Mahogany, sausage tree and croton are alive with blue monkeys and vervets.Elephants feed off fallen fruit while bushbuck,waterbuck,baboons, aardvark, civet, the shy pangolin and leopard as well as the black rhino, all make their home in the forest. 

Manyara is sanctuary to elusive buffalo and hippo, giraffe, impala, zebra and the famous residents- tree climbing lions.Lake Manyara itself is a magnet for birdlife and a kaleidoscope of different species can be found around its shores, including huge flocks of flamingoes. The park is ideal for a day trip.A four-wheel drive is recommended during the rains. The dry season is from June to September andJanuary to February.


Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park




















Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, reaching a height of 5,895 meters, a dormant volcano, with the diameter at its base being 40 miles. There are two main snow capped peaks, Kibo and Mawenzi. Although it can be climbed year round the best times of the year for climbing are between August and October and January

and March, from mid March to May it is the wet season. There are six different routes up the mountain ranging in degree of difficulty and thereare many tours operators running organised trips.Climbing mount kilimanjaro is a life adventure holiday that attracts many touriststo visit Africa, particularly Tanzania. We have complete professional Mountainclimbing guides for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Meru and Oldoinyo Lengai trekking.

Kilimanjaro trekking can be through Machame, rongai,marangu, shira,western breach, londrosi/lemosho and umbwe.


  Ngorongoro Conservation Area

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a huge area containing active volcanoes,mountains, archeological sites, rolling plains, forests, lakes, dunes and of course,Ngorongoro Crater and Olduvai Gorge. The views at the rim of Ngorongoro Crater are sensational. On the crater floor,grassland blends into swamps, lakes, rivers, woodland and mountains - all a heavenfor wildlife, including the densest predator population in Africa. The crater is home to upto 25,000 large mammals, mainly grazers - gazelle, buffalo, eland, hartebeest and warthog. Ngorongoro is the Eighth Wonder of

the World not only that but also designated as a World Natural Heritage Site.In the northern, remote part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, you will find Olmotiand Empakaai Craters, Lake Natron and Oldoinyo Lengai, Mountain of God, as named bythe Maasai. Lake Natron is the only known breeding ground for East Africa's flamingoes. The ruins of a terraced stone city and complex irrigation system lie on the eastern sideof Empakaai - the Engakura Ruins. Their origins are a mystery as there is no traditionof stone building in this part of Africa.


Serengeti National Park
The Serengeti is on of the world's last great wildlife refuges. This vast area of land supports the greatest remaining concentration of plain game in Africa, on a scale unparalleled anywhere else in the world. The name comes from the Maasai 'Siringet', meaning endless plains. Equal in size to Northern Ireland, the Park contains an estimated three million large animals, most of which take part in a seasonal migration that is one of nature's wonders.The annual migration of more than 1.5 million wildebeests as well as hundreds of thousands of zebras and gazelles is triggered by the rains. The wet season starts in November and lasts until about May. 

Generally the herds congregate and move out at the end of May. Their movement is a continual search for grass and water - the moving mass of animals requiring over 4,000 tons of grass each day. The exodus coincides with the breeding season whichcauses fights among the males. As the dry season sets in the herds drift out of the West,one group to the North, the other north-east heading for the permanent waters of the northern rivers and the Mara. The immigration instinct is so strong that animals die in the rivers as they dive from the banks into the raging waters, to be dispatched by crocodiles.The survivors concentrate in Kenya's Maasai Mara National reserve until the grazing there is exhausted, when they turn south along the eastern and final stage of the migration route.

Before the main exodus, the herds are a spectacular sight, massed in huge numbers with the weak and crippled at the tail end of the procession, followed by the patient, vigilent predators.The vegetation in the Serengeti ranges from the short and long grass plains in the south, to the acacia savannah in the centre and the wooded grassland concentrated around tributariesof the Grumeti and Mara rivers. The western corridor is a region of wooded highland and extensive

plains reaching to the edge of Lake Victoria. The Seronera Valley in the Serengeti is famous for the abundance lion and leopard that canusually be seen quite easily. The adult male lions of the Serengeti have characteristic black manes.

Hot air balloon safaris is very rewarding experience in serengeti, masai mara kenya.Balloon safaris will enable you to have panoramic view of wildlife.


Tarangire National Park
The permanent water supply of the Park means that during the summer,the animal population here rivals that of the Serengeti with wildebeest,zebra, eland, elephant, hartebeest, buffalo, gerenuk, fringe eared oryxand flocks of birds of many different species. Prime game viewing monthsare between September and December.


Olduvai Gorge
Olduvai Gorge is the Archaeological Site in the northeast of Tanzania within Ngorongoro Conservation Area, in which early human fossils were first discoveredin 1911 by German entomologist who was looking for butterflies. The name wasderived from early European miss spelling of "Oldupai" the Maasai name for the plantsthat grow in that area. It has amazing landscape that resulted from the tectonic forces,which created the Great Rift Valley million of years ago. Long ago the area was coveredby ancient salt lake, which vanished, and leaving salt deposits exposed in its walls

 until today. The steep sided gorge is nearly 90 meters high and its extension is50 kilometers long. The importance of this area lies on the uncovered archeological remains; fossils remain, including the bones of early hominids, stone tools, marksand a building site. Other sites within the area are Laetoli site, Lake Ndutu Sites,and Nasera Rock Shelter. Apart from Olduvai Gorge, which reminds us of the originof mankind, there are also the ruins of the ancient city, which are marked by stoneterrace and the complex irrigation system at Engaruka.You will not find giraffe as there is not much to eat at tree level, or topi, becausethe competition with wildebeest is too fierce, nor will you find impala. The crater

elephants are strangely, mainly bulls. There are a small number of black rhinos here too.The birdlife is largely seasonal and is also affected by the ratio of soda to freshwater in Lake Magadi on the crater floor.





























The Big Five
You may hear of the Big Five before going on Safari, from an old book, or from a nature documentary.

Today, they are five of the animals which people most want to see while on Safari. One hundred years ago, amid pith helmets, mosquito boots, and 'darkest Africa', the Big Five were the most sought after animals to hunt. They were the fiercest, the most dangerous animals; the animals that wouldhunt the hunter.


Explorers of East Africa went home with stories of lions and leopards in the tall African grass,of rhinos that would charge at the mere smell of a person, of the buffalo hidden in the bushes, and of the terrors of an enraged elephant.

Most safari tours are 5 days, 7 days, 10 days, 14 days and we send you detailed itinerary based on daily activities. While on safari you can visit maasai villages,bushmen in lake eyasi, and do some extra activities like balloon safaris,camel safaris,walking safaris and horse back riding.

Booking email: kilitravel2002@gmail.com

Last minute travel, searching travel deals include Machame route climb Kilimanjaro is available. Rongai route is camp and tents for wonderful experience. Last minute booking include wildlife safaris and budget camping safaris.

Budget camping safaris is one of cheapest accommodation for wildlife safari tour in Africa. Basic tented camps are canvas tented used in wilderness of national parks and game reserves for decent accommodation. Budget camping safari Tanzania is adventure travel which can be wildlife safari tour to national parks of Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro conservation area.

African safari tour is a vacation holiday trip to African continent to explore tourist destinations like National parks and selous game reserve. Budget camping safari Tanzania is one of budget travel deal available in East Africa. Camping safari is convenient accommodation for wildlife safari tour in Tanzania. There are options of camping safaris such as permanet tented camps, luxury mobile camps and budget tented camps.

 Rongai route is recommended Kilimanjaro climbing route for easier, less muscle strenth.


Tanzania safaris discount group bookings

Tanzania safaris discount group bookings begin from 4 people or more. Kilimanjaro climbing trip combo safaris are affordable travel vacation deals.

Northern Tanzania safaris circuit includes Mkomazi, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Serengeti National Parks and Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Crater).Other natural scenery and tourist destinations are Lake Eyasi,Oldonyo Lengai, Lake Natron, Rift valley and Maasai villages.

All these tourist destinations are located in same zone, and each destination close or far from each other by few several kms. This is natural wonder for all tourist destinations to be located in same zone and tourists can visit in one trip.

Travel deals booking include safaris booking Tanzania and budget Kilimanjaro trekking adventures. Check cheap wildlife safaris in Tanzania  and guided adventure Kilimanjaro climbing trips.

Machame route 6 days is recommended Mountaineering travel deal trekking Kilimanjaro to summit. Rongai route is wilderness and quite Kilimanjaro route, rongai route has much more success rate and suitable for all climber types.

Below are best wildlife safaris destinations in Tanzania, ideal for African safaris Dream.

Serengeti National park.

Serengeti place for African safaris, wildlife safaris of incomparable value to any other wildlife safaris in Africa continent. For real African nature wildlife safaris, to experience bush safaris, private and with ecotourism essence then choose Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti comes from the Masai word meaning 'Endless Plains'. It is these grasslands and savannahs that ensure that the area is jam-packed full of game. Within endless plains there are rock outcrops which are known as kopjes which are location for big cats like Lions and Leopards.

Wildebeest migration starts or ends in Ndutu area and passes through Seronera area, Grumeti River, Mara River and back via Kleins area and Lobo Area.

Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater is the best self-contained safari destination in the world. Often referred to as the 'Garden of Eden', the rich pasture and permanent water of the crater floor shelters a large population of animals.

For best of Tanzania safaris to see all African BIG 5, rare Wild dogs and local people maasai tribe and world natural wonderful formations like craters and highlands.


Visit the world's largest free standing mountain - measuring in at 5895 metres. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a great adventure and you’ll experience an enormous sense of achievement looking down at Africa. Being one of 7 summits, it is easier to climb Kilimanjaro than any other mountain in the world. Climbing mount Kilimanjaro does not need any training or exercise.

Wildlife viewing tour also termed as wildlife safaris can be experienced in Shira,Western Kilimanjaro or Rongai Nalemoru route.

All above mentioned wildlife safaris destinations Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro are World heritage Sites and attracts many tourists from around the world. There are various Lodges,Hotels and luxury tented camps which offer hospitality of international standard. Kilimanjaro weather forecast, Kilimanjaro routes, guides and climbing guides are important information we provide for tourists booking Kilimanjaro hike and Rongai route wilderness near Kenya boarder Amboseli.

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